Recommended Applications

These are some of my favorite applications that you may not know about. One common thread: They're all free. =)

Get Firefox

Until I knew about Mozilla FireFox, I sticked with Internet Explorer (IE). FireFox is, in a nutshell, Gecko (the layout engine behind the browser component of Mozilla) with a redesigned interface and an extension mechanism to add customized functionality. My experience is it loads slower than IE but seems to load pages faster. It supports HTML/CSS better, but on JavaScript its support is worse. Likely sites that work better with IE use Microsoft's DOM extension. Like Mozilla, there is no support for ActiveX and VBScript, although the reason is security. Banner (abbreviated OOo) is a decent alternative to Microsoft Office, despite its strange name (yes, ending with ".org"). With the ability to export file to PDF, others can see your word-processed as you intend it, even if they do not have OOo. (This might not be much of a feature, as there is an Open Source project called PDF printer, which allows you to "print" to a PDF file.) As conversion of Office file formats is still not perfect, I recommend that you also have the newest Word, Excel, and PowerPoint viewers. Go to Microsoft Office Online and, at the search box, type "viewer" and look for the newest viewers.

For small text/program editor, Crimson Editor is good. In fact, I write this website using the program. Some reviewers complain that parts of the interface are odd, but options are available to customize the interface. I personally like the interface myself.

For downloading an entire website, try HTTrack. I cannot comment much because I have not used it much, but so far it looks good.


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